Moose adventures

Moose is my miniature dachshund.

He is the most adorable stubborn little thing and he hates it when I dress him up in outfits.

Luckily for him, I don’t want to be one of those dog owners. On the rare occasion that I do make him wear something, I feel properly ashamed of myself.

Today Moose and I went on a walk by the ocean.

There are always a ton of people out on Sundays in the summer and I always see something interesting. Today I saw a man running with one of those little ice cream carts.

He ran a circle around me, then sprinted towards the bushes, all the while pushing the ice cream cart. Then he looked around all sketch-like and rammed the cart right into a little hole in the bushes. He then proceeded to pull pieces of branch around the cart to hide it from view. As I walked away, he backed out of the bushes looking all dodgy, then ran towards the ocean. What the hell? I wish I had followed him a bit and tried to sort out the mystery of the secret ice cream cart.

Instead Moose and I walked back home where we both had delicious naps.



  1. Haya Said:

    omg, Moo is the most wonderful dog. I want to hug him into forever. Such the best. Let’s go to hawaii and take Moo with us. OKAY, GO!! Which reminds me, where did Moo stay when you were gone? I woulda doggy sat!! fuuuu. gotta move to SF asap. hehehe.

  2. marblecargirl Said:

    YES! Let’s go! He would LOVE Hawaii! When we went, he stayed at my parents’ house with their dog and a friend of the family watched them all. He was super excited when I got home, hahaha.

  3. OMG – Moose looks soooo cute!!! I want to steal him 😉

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