Online Dating

I was tossed into the dating world about three years ago, with pretty much no idea what I was doing. I had been in a relationship with the same guy since I was 16. That didn’t leave much room for dating practice. So what does a dating noob in their early to mid-twenties do when they have no idea where to start? They go online.

Online dating has been… interesting. I’ve gone on so many bad dates that I’m starting to wonder if I’m crazy to keep trying.

One fine young man insulted my job, my interests, and basically called me an alcoholic, even though I’d had nothing to drink. Not a keeper. At the other end of the spectrum, another super guy decided I was exactly the kind of girl he’d like to marry and told me he hoped we’d start trying to have kids in the next two to three years. Still yet another fellow thought an interesting contribution to the conversation would be to look up porn actress names on his smart phone. This was the only contribution he made the entire night. The rest of the evening was full of me dragging words out of his mouth like a wet bag of hammers. Frustration!

And yet I press on! Continuing to meet guys online in the hopes of finding someone that doesn’t annoy the crap out of me. This week I have two dates with two different internet guys. Cross your fingers for me that one of them will be awesome!


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  1. Good luck out there! I’m sure you will find a winner 🙂

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