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I just got back from an amazing trip to Hawaii with my parents and brother. I’m probably too old to be going on family vacations, but my family is awesome, so who cares. Plus we were celebrating my parents’ 50th birthdays and 25th wedding anniversary. I think that justifies a sweet family vacation. We stayed just north of Ka’anapali in a condo with a sweet pool. I miss getting up every morning super early to read by the pool while everyone else slept.

I also enjoyed a couple of sunrise beach walks. It was beautiful!

We did a little jet skiiing and a little snorkeling. It was a pretty good time. I wish we had a little more time there to do some exploring. And I wish I had a camera other than my phone. There was some pretty amazing scenery that was just begging to be captured on film.

I miss you, Hawaii! I hope to visit you again soon!