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Moose adventures

Moose is my miniature dachshund.

He is the most adorable stubborn little thing and he hates it when I dress him up in outfits.

Luckily for him, I don’t want to be one of those dog owners. On the rare occasion that I do make him wear something, I feel properly ashamed of myself.

Today Moose and I went on a walk by the ocean.

There are always a ton of people out on Sundays in the summer and I always see something interesting. Today I saw a man running with one of those little ice cream carts.

He ran a circle around me, then sprinted towards the bushes, all the while pushing the ice cream cart. Then he looked around all sketch-like and rammed the cart right into a little hole in the bushes. He then proceeded to pull pieces of branch around the cart to hide it from view. As I walked away, he backed out of the bushes looking all dodgy, then ran towards the ocean. What the hell? I wish I had followed him a bit and tried to sort out the mystery of the secret ice cream cart.

Instead Moose and I walked back home where we both had delicious naps.