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2009 Resolutions

Now that January is almost over, I thought I’d get some of my resolutions up on here. I’m so timely, I know. I only have a couple, so here they are, in a nice, albeit short, list.

1) Do something nice for someone else every day.
2) Begin learning one new thing/skill a month, and stick with it.

Not a huge list, but these are things that I want to take seriously.

Doing something nice for someone else every day seems lame/little, and I probably already do this. The idea is really to focus on more positive things;to have generosity as a frame of mind. Plus, doing things for other people just generally makes you feel good. Pretty much these are built around being generally more positive.

Learning new things is sort of my way of combating the boredom/monotony of living alone. So far I’ve learned to crochet a hat, and I’m currently learning sign language from youtube video lessons. You can learn anything on there! Next up is guitar. Obviously I’m not going to be a real talent from watching youtube lessons, but it’s at least a start. I figure I can get some basics down and go from there.

So, yay for resolutions! Let’s see how the year goes!


If the rhythm feels good let me hear you say ‘uh uh baby’

Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my blog. Pull up a chair. Would you like some tea? I’m sorry that I’m out of sugar substitute. I hope plain sugar is ok. Can I interest you in a cookie? No? Ok, well let’s begin.

I’m not entirely sure what I want the main focus of this blog to be. I have several ideas. I think I may use this space to keep track of my general goals/2009 resolutions, but I’m not so good with boundaries. If I try to stick to just the one topic, I’ll probably avoid blogging completely.

For now I suppose I will just say this blog is going to be whatever is in my brain while I’m writing it.

I bid you good day.

No, no… you can’t take my teacup with you… No, please… put it back, thank you.

I said good day.